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MQ Power, Trailer Mounted Industrial Diesel Generators - Single and Three Phase - Mobile Whisperwatt  Whisperwatt Series, 45,000 watts (45 kW) to 640,000 watts (640 kW).
Standard Model Trailer Mounted Model
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 WhisperWatt Series, 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU MQIN-150D316, Model DCA150SSCU4IPB, (Sound Enclosure)  MQIN-150D316 (1277)
 Cummins 1204E-E44TAG1, 1 & 3 phase, diesel fueled, liquid cooled, 1800 RPM, electric start, EPA Tier 4i Category: Industrial   Status: Mobile Diesel 1 & 3 Phase
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Included Equipment: Generator engine and alternator on welded steel frame base & cover mount platform, mounted platform69 gallon base tank, flexible fuel lines, oil drain cock,digital control panel,electronic governor, residential muffler (enclosed models), industrial muffler (open models), spring isolators, 12 volt electric starter, 12V 128Ah battery charger, air filter, radiator, blower fan and guards, battery tray, battery cables, owners manual and warranty. Batteries are included. Other options are NOT included please purchase the options from the option lists. Units are shipped in shrunk plastic film, on skids.
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WhisperWatt Series, 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU MQIN-150D316, Model DCA150SSCU4IPB, Sound Enclosed   Our Price Qty
Cummins 1204E-E44TAG1, 1 & 3 phase, diesel fueled, liquid cooled, 1800 RPM, electric start, EPA Tier 4i $76,262.20
WhisperWatt Series, 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU MQIN-150D316, Model DCA150SSCU4IPB, Trailer Mounted, Sound Enclosed, no extra tank   Our Price Qty
Cummins 1204E-E44TAG1, 1 & 3 phase, diesel fueled, liquid cooled, 1800 RPM, electric start, EPA Tier 4i $76,392.76
Package Includes: Trailer Coupler, 2" Ball or Pintle Hitch Adjustable Height Option  
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 Detailed Description
SKU MQIN-150D316:  Industrial SKU MQIN-150D316
The MQ Power Model DCA150SSCU4IPB is a WhisperWatt Series generator with 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz, of maximum output. These industrial generators are suitable for prime power and standby use. When you need the dependability of an industrial grade generator, with all the features you need, the WhisperWatt Series is for you. Available in several models, these models are competitively priced to deliver the performance and value found only on more expensive competitors models.

MQ Power generators are designed for many applications where power is needed. MQ Power generators are manufactured to commercial specifications using the latest manufacturing technologies. All models are built with the quality and reliability you would expect from a leading generator manufacturer.

The Newage Stamford brushless alternator used on this model is manufactured to exacting specifications using the latest mass production methods. MQ Power generators use technology to control the voltage with a voltage variation less than 3% throughout the entire power range. That means you can use this generator with computers and sensitive electronics, safely, with no sacrifice in performance.

This model features a premium Cummins model 1204E-E44TAG1, 6 cylinder, 256 HP, diesel fueled, liquid cooled engine with electric start. This model runs at 1800 RPM and generates 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz,of Standby (emergency or maximum) power and 108 kW prime (continuous) power at a primary voltage of 277/480 VAC, 1 & 3 phase, 60 Hertz, with 1% voltage accuracy. Single phase models are available as 120/240 VAC. Three phase models are available as 120/240, 120/208 or 277/480 VAC. If 50 Hz models are available they would be built as a special order. For 50 Hz voltage and amperage ratings, click on the Open Specification Window and then check the 50 Hz check box. This model has economical fuel use of 4.5 gallons at 1/2 load. Running time is over 15.3 hours on a typical tank. See Fuel Tanks below.
Warranty: The price includes a factory warranty of 12 months

Dimensions: Enclosed dimensions are 126" Long X 48" Wide X 59" High. Enclosed weight is 5715 lbs. Enclosed quietness is 68 db at 7 meters.

Enclosures: Weather and sound proof enclosures (if available), are built using steel panels and locking doors on a modular structural base frame. Sound enclosures include a rock-wool layer of insulation, which complies with the prevailing regulations and accomplishes the sound attenuating elements. Most enclosures include hot ambient air extraction fan. Select an enclosure from the Product Options windows, if available.

Fuel Tanks: Single walled (non UL) and double walled (UL) tanks are available for this model as shown in Product Options. When base tanks are added, the day tank (if installed) is removed. Tank prices include installation, fuel level gage and fuel line piping, to make a complete operable unit. You may check the running time on that tank size, by viewing the tank in the opened Specification Window or by typing in the gallons or your external tank in the box provided and clicking the arrow. Local codes on fuel tanks vary, check with your local building department and state air quality department to determine any fuel tank requirements for your area. Select the tank you need from the Product Options windows, if available. Select a tank and click "Details" for to see dimensions and other information about that tank. If you have special requirements call your GeneratorJoe sales representative.

Trailers: Many industrial generators may be mounted on trailers. If trailers are available as a option they will be shown in the Trailer Option Window. Rental type generators equipped with single and three phase power are generally supplied with trailers as standard equipment. You can see rental type units at this link ->. Industrial Diesel, 1 & 3 Phase Trailer Mounted. The trailer mounted units are specially designed to have tanks built into the trailer and have a lower center of gravity to prevent overturning on rough terrain. If for some reason you want to use a stationary GenSet on a trailer you need to determine the right trailer to use. Use the following formula: GenSet weight plus Tank weight plus Fuel weight (Diesel is 7.2 lbs. per gallon), plus Other Equipment weight equals Total Payload. Then select a trailer that has a payload of at least the Total Payload or more.

Transfer Switches: The automatic transfer switch monitors utility and generator power. When utility power fails or is unsatisfactory, the transfer switch control starts the generator set, checks the generator speed and voltage output and transfers the load to the generator set. When utility power is restored the transfer switch automatically transfers back to utility power. The generator is allowed to cool down for a short period and then shuts down. The system instantly resets itself and is ready for the next power interruption. No action is required by the user.

You must select a transfer switch that is the same size in amps (or larger) then your building service or sub-panel. The transfer switch must also be the same size in amps (or larger) than the maximum output of the generator you select. Example: If you have a 12 kW generator operating at 120 VAC single phase, (100 Amps) and a 200 amp building service you need a 200 Amp transfer switch or you must install a 100 Amp sub-panel. Transfer switches should be installed by a licensed electrician. For more information on transfer switches please see About Transfer Switches.

Select a transfer switch to go with your generator from the drop down option list on this page under Product Options. The transfer switches shown are compatible with this generator. If you need additional transfer switch poles, auxiliary contacts or communications features see ASCO Transfer Switches. For special needs, volume purchases and other questions, call your GeneratorJoe sales representative at 707 542-2224 for assistance. All ASCO switches are shipped FREE when you purchase the switch with a generator.

Other Requirements or Options and GSA: If you do not find the options you need in the drop down option windows above or if you have other requirements, please call us and tell us what you require. If your needed option is not available we have many other brands that may provide the options you need or we will have a generator custom made if necessary. Please contact us at (707) 542-2224 or write If you are a college or university, federal, state, county, city or government agency customer write to

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Standard Features
WhisperWatt Series, 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU MQIN-150D316, Model DCA150SSCU4IPB, (Sound Enclosure)
Sound AttenuationWeather resistant steel housingSteel frame for minimum vibration
EPA emission standardFully lockable enclosureInternal fuel tank
Insulation class FFull InstrumentationSafety Shutdowns
Voltage Selector
Options Available
WhisperWatt Series, 125 kW (156 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU MQIN-150D316, Model DCA150SSCU4IPB, (Sound Enclosure)
Remote monitoringEngine block heaterBattey charger
Highway legal trailer
 Additional Information
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Generator SafetyGenerator Operation

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