SQ Series, 20.6 kW (20.6 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU KURE-021D102, Model SQ-21 USA, (Enclosed)

Kubota: SQ-21 USA   SKU  KURE-021D102
Power Phases single phase   Engine Brand Kubota
Frequency 60 Hertz Engine Model / Cylinders V2403-M / 0
Voltage AC 120/240 HP  / Displacement 36.1 / 134.1 cu in
Voltage Regulator AVR Fuel diesel

Voltage Accuracy (no load to rated load)

Cooling liquid
Frequency Accuracy 6% RPM 1800
Maximum (Standby) Output 20.6 kW Governor mechanical
Continuous (Prime) Output 18.4 kW Control Panel Standard
Reconnectable 4 lead Starting System electric
Main Circuit Breaker Idle Control no
Alternator Brand Remote Starting / Choke no / N/A
Alternator Model 2 - Pole Mount Type open skid
Alternator Type brushless    
Load Amperage at Voltage Fuel Consumption
Volts > 120   240    
Maximum Load Amps (kW / kVA) 172/172 86/86
Continuous Load Amps (kW / kVA) 153/153 77/77
% > 50% 75% 100%
Fuel Use Load (Engine 1) - Gal/Hr. 1.1 1.4 1.8
Run Time Hours 19.5 15.4 11.9
Label Quantity  Description
A 1

5-20R, 20A, 125V, 2 Pole, 3 Wire Grounding, GFCI, Duplex

B 1

L5-30R, 30A, 125V, 3 Pole, 3 Wire

C 2

CS6359, 50A 125V, 4 Wire Grounding, Locking

Day Capacity (Gal / Liters) 21.5 / 81.38
Base Tank Capacity (Gal / Liters)
Dimensions "Enclosed" Model
Length (inches / mm) 73.8 / 1,875
Width (inches / mm) 36.6 / 930
Height (inches / mm) 41.8 / 1,062
Weight (Lbs / Kg)  1,605 / 728
  Muffler Type industrial
Warranty Quietness
Engine / Alternator 1 year(s)

Open Noise Level dB @ 7 meters

For specific warranty information see WARRANTY on the product page. Closed Noise Level dB @ 7 meters 64

Included Equipment: Generator engine and alternator on welded steel frame, open skid mount platform, spring isolators, 21.5 gallon day tank, analog (guages) control panel, Standard. emergency stop switch, mechanical governor, residential muffler (enclosed models), industrial muffler (open models), 12 volt electric starter, included charging alternator, air filter, radiator, blower fan and guards, battery tray, battery cables, oil drain cock and extension, owners manual and warranty. Batteries are not included. Other options are NOT included, please purchase the options from the option lists. Units are shipped on skids with shrink wrapped plastic film over entire unit.


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SQ Series, 20.6 kW (20.6 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU KURE-021D102, Model SQ-21 USA, (Enclosed)

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