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ASCO Standard Operational Features, Controls and Status Indicators - Series 300

Standard Selectable Features
  • In-phase monitor to transfer motor loads without any intentional off time to help prevent motor inrush currents from exceeding normal starting levels.
  • Engine exerciser to automatically test engine generator each week. Includes control switch for testing with or without load.
  • Selective load disconnect, double-throw contact to operate at an adjustable 0 to 20 second time delay prior to transfer and reset 0 to 20 seconds after transfer.
  • 60 Hz or 50 Hz selector switch.
  • Three-phase/single-phase selector switch.

Voltage & Frequency Sensing

  • Adjustable three-phase, close differential voltage sensing on normal source.
  • Normal source pickup voltage is adjustable to 95% of nominal; drop-out is adjustable from 70 to 90% of nominal.
  • Frequency sensing on emergency source. Pickup at 95% and dropout at 85% of nominal.

Time Delays

  • Adjustable time delay to over ride momentary normal source outages to delay all transfer switch and engine-starting signals.
  • Transfer to emergency time delay. Adjustable from 0 to 5 minutes for controlled timing of load transfer to emergency.
  • Retransfer to normal time delay. Adjustable to 30 minutes.
  • Five-minute unloaded running time delay for emergency engine generator cool down.
  • Four-second time delay to override momentary to ignore momentary voltage and frequency transients during initial genset loading.
Standard Display
Standard Control Contacts
  • Switch position indicating contacts (rated 10 amps 250VAC, 32VDC). (1) for Normal position, (1) for Emergency position.
  • Gold plated engine start contacts (rated 5 amps 28VDC or 120VAC).


Remote Control Features

Terminal provisions for connecting:

  • Remote test switch.
  • Remote contact for test or for peak shaving applications. Circuit will be automatically bypassed if emergency source fails.
  • Inhibit transfer to emergency.
  • Remote time delay bypass switch.


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