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Quote Request Form

We offer Industrial generators and stand-by emergency electric power generators fueled by diesel, propane or natural gas engines. We have everything you need, from portables to heavy duty industrial prime power generators and residential standby generators, all at wholesale prices.

Please all the questions below. Some fields are so basic that they are required. The more information you provide the better the quote. If you are unable to use this quote form, you can paste this form into an e-mail message and send it to [email protected] or print out the form and fax it to 707 542-2227

Why wait, we can quote you over the phone = speak directly to a GeneratorJoe Sales Engineer at 707 542-2224

1. Power Rating (kW) or (kVA), note which Not sure?  Please Refer to our Sizing Program
2. Frequency (Hz) - US is 60Hz
3. Voltage and Phase:
4. Prime Power or Backup/Standby?
5. Fuel Type?
6. Site Conditions (elevation  & temp):  
7. Size of the service panel, main breaker or sub-panel.
8. Automatic Transfer Switch:
9. Generator Output Breaker:
10. Additional Vibration Isolators:
11. Generator Housing (for outdoor use):
12. Trailer Mounting: Do you require the generator mounted on a trailer?
13. Export Crating:
14. Fuel Tank:
15. Exhaust  Silencer (Muffler): Industrial standard open units. Critical or residential mufflers are provided on sound enclosed units.
16. Automatic Battery Charger (shipped loose) 
Recommended for stand-by units
17. What will you run with the generator?  Motors (what hp), AC, Pumps, Compressors? Please state clearly.
18. Is this a new application or replacement of an existing Generator?
19. Comments & Other Requirements:
20. Job Site (City, State Zip):
21. Your Name:
22. Your Title:
23. Your Company:
24. Your Street:
25. City, State Zip:
26. Phone: (Numbers only)
27. Fax: (Numbers only)
28. Email Address:
Thanks for your quote request.
If a Thank You screen doesn't appear after pressing the Submit button below, please send us an e-mail message. 
You may print this form and fax to us at 707 542-2224 or you can paste into an e-mail message to send to us.

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