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If you have a used generator and want to sell, fill out the form below and submit it to us.

We are always buying Generators at fair market wholesale prices.

from 10 kW to 2000 kW for rental fleets and for resale.

We usually only buy low hour units that meet EPA and/or California emissions requirements.

Diesel, Natural Gas and LP fueled units
Stationary or trailer mounted, Open or Enclosed
EPA and/or CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified units*
Especially interested in units in California!
*It is not usually cost effective to convert non-EPA or non CARB units into certified units.

"Portable Generators" or generators smaller than 10,000 watts. (10 kW)
High hour or non-rebuilt units.
Non-EPA qualified units.
Units more than 3 years old or that cannot be emission qualified.

Damaged, burned, rusted, junked, incomplete or military surplus units.

Units good for parts only.

Please fill out the form below and click submit at the bottom to email the info to us. (The preferred method).

Or print the fax version and fill it out and fax to us at: 707 542-2227

To submit your generator for our consideration to purchase, please fill out this form. I we are interested we will contact you. The more information you provide the faster we can make a decision.

If you do not provide contact information or an asking price we will not respond. If we think your price is too high we will make an offer but be reasonable or we won't think your serious about selling.

Please provide the following contact information:
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone

Please complete the below Generator Set Information

Overall Status? (check one)

New    Used    Rebuilt 

Overall Condition? (check one)Poor    Good    Average    Excellent    New
Located at? (fill in city, state zip)
Number of Hours? (check one, fill in)

On Meter   Estimated  Hours

Genset Make? (fill in complete number)
Genset Model? (fill in complete number)
Engine Brand? (fill in complete number)
Engine Serial? (fill in complete number)
Alternator Serial? (fill in complete number)
Alternator Type? (check one)

Brush-Type    Brushless

Phase? (check one)

Singe Phase  Three Phase

Voltage Configured?60 hz     120    120/240    120/208     120/240    277/480    600

50 hz    100/200    115/200    231/400    480

(check boxes as configured NOW)
(check all that apply)
12 Lead? (check yes or no)Yes   No
Voltage Selector Installed? (check yes or no)Yes   No
Emissions? (check all that apply)Unknown      EPA     CARB
Fuel? (check all that apply)

Diesel    Natural Gas    LPV    LPL    Other & Multi-fuel

Governor?  (check one)

Mechanical     Electronic

Cooling?  (check one)Air    Water Oil
Radiator?  (check one if water cooled)Skid Mounted    Remote
Control Panel? (check all that apply)

Generator Mounted    Remote    Analog    Digital

Muffler System?  (check all that apply)No      Yes  Industrial Residential Critical
Transfer Switch? (check all that apply)None     Amps     Automatic    Manual    Indoor Outdoor
Switch Enclosure? (check all that apply)     Nema1 (indoor)    Nema 3R (rain tight)    Nema 4    Nema 12  
Enclosure? (check all that apply)None     Steel    Aluminum    Weather    Sound     Movie
Day Tank? (check all that apply)None     Gal    Single Wall Double Wall
Fuel Tank? (check all that apply)

None     Gal Single Wall Double Wall

Main Circuit Breaker?

None      Amps

Trailer?  (check one)Yes   No
Pictures available?  (check yes or no)Yes   No
Price Desired > see note

 (fill in a reasonable wholesale cash price)    $USD

May we sell this unit for you on consignment? (check yes or no)Yes   No
May we auction this unit for you on consignment? (check yes or no)Yes   No
Any other Comments to us regarding this generator?

GeneratorJoe Generator Buy Form
Revised: 2/29/2016

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