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The Competition  -  Compare By Pictures And Facts


The above pictures show a typical generator from a "discount" generator company in California. Not only does this company claim that they are the "largest seller of generators in the world"  (which is totally bogus),
they do not tell you a lot of facts like: 
The engine on this generator is discontinued and there is a new model to replace it.
The generator does not meet emissions in any state. Its not even EPA approved. Its illegal to install this generator in most states and its an environmental polluter!
The ventilation is not set up properly and this unit will over heat. The placement of the air intake and the exhaust system is totally wrong and makes the generator work harder
The control panel is an old model and obsolete.
The battery charger is overkill for a generator this size
There is nothing professional about this generator, it looks like it was made in a garage, well it was!
The warranty on this unit is provided by the generator company that has virtually no assets.  The engine and alternator have no factory warranty, only the warranty of the guy that built it. This is not good!
The company that built this unit is soon to be charged with violating the air quality laws in California and the Federal EPA laws as well.
If you install this generator in your home or business you may have to remove it and pay fines for having equipment that violates the air quality laws in most states.
Why would you want to own this piece of junk? Price?  The cost in the long run is just not worth it.  Buy a properly built generator from GeneratorJoe for a little more and get Quality!

Below are pictures of a GeneratorJoe 30 kW generator.  The quality construction is obvious. Compare to the pictures above. The warranty on GeneratorJoe generators is 5 years and 5,000 hours. GeneratorJoe generators meet emissions in all states including the four toughest states of California, Alaskan, Florida and New York.


30 kW generators built by GeneratorJoe - Compare the quality to the "junk generator" built by our competition!

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