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Picture 120 Picture 121 Picture 122
Picture 123 Picture 124 Picture 125
GeneratorJoe (SAY Sheriff) with .45 Cal Vacaro's GeneratorJoe (SAY Sheriff) GeneratorJoe (SAY Sheriff) and future Judge Jamie Thistlethwaite at SAY fundraiser. Jamie for Judge!
Picture 126 Picture 127 Picture 128
SAY Sheriff GeneratorJoe with Sonoma County Sheriff Elect Steve Freitas. Sheriff GeneratorJoe, Mrs. Freitas Ingeborg (GeneratorJoe's sister) & GeneratorJoe
Picture 128 Picture 129 Picture 130
GeneratorJoe at Sunday Brunch, Nectar Restaurant GeneratorJoe viewing 100 year old hearse at the Seminole Nation Museum in OK Ingeborg (GeneratorJoe's sister) & GeneratorJoe
Picture 131 Picture 132 Picture 133
Greg Linton, President of JRS Custom Fabrication out to dinner. Curt Missall, President of JRS Custom Fabrication at dinner. Fred Baird, Retired Sgt. Sonoma County Sheriffs Office
Wearing Korean War Veterans hat from GeneratorJoe
(They didn't have Civil War hats)
Picture 135 Picture 136 Picture 137
GeneratorJoe with Bill Cogbill, Sonoma County Sheriff (GeneratorJoe is retired Deputy Sheriff). GeneratorJoe ready for shooting competition. Pixie and Pilot getting ready to go flying from Sonoma County Airport.
Picture 137 Picture 138 Picture 139
Arny Carsten & GeneratorJoe at Wells Fargo Fund raiser. Efren Carrillo (Sonoma County Supervisor) & GeneratorJoe at Wells Fargo GeneratorJoe with Stephen Passalaqua District Attorney running for re-election) at law enforcement appreciation dinner at the Elks Club, Petaluma. Vote for Passalaqua for DA!
Picture 140
				<td align= Picture 141
GeneratorJoe & Ron Johnson at dinner.
Ron is VP Sales/Marketing for Solar Technology
GeneratorJoe & Ron Johnson on the way to dinner in GeneratorJoe Limo.
Are we having fun or what?
The Johnson Family, Our Friends
Back Row, Karl (Ron's son-in-law), GeneratorJoe, Ron Johnson
Ron's Daughter Erin, Ron's Wife Cathy, PowerPixie, Ron's Daughter Brittany

Picture 143 Picture 144 Picture 144
GeneratorJoe & Lara
Lara is with PCP Inc. Our ASCO Reps
Denny Carlson & John Schmidt (the boss) of PCP Inc. with GeneratorJoe in Colorado. GeneratorJoe at dinner.
Hyatt Regency Tonga Room
Picture 145 Picture 146 A Commercial
GeneratorJoe looks at amphibious landing craft on U.S.S Hawaii GeneratorJoe loves this picture! What could be better? Modern home protection the GeneratorJoe way.
Picture 148 Picture 149 Picture 150
GeneratorJoe having lunch in New Orleans Dec 2007 Being cool at the Wine Tasting Party September 2008 GeneratorJoe, old cop with an old gun! New Orleans Dec 2007
Picture 151 Picture 152 Picture 153
Greece - The Coliseum -2007 Power Lunch - Desert & Champagne - Sorrento Italy 2007 Street Patrols - Florence Italy - 2007
  Picture 155 Picture 156
  GeneratorJoe in 1973 Corvette, owned since new. GeneratorJoe all dressed up at Charity Ball 2008
Picture 157 Picture 158 Picture 159
GeneratorJoe® as young Deputy Sheriff 1970 GeneratorJoe® at City of Santa Rosa function. 2002 GeneratorJoe® in backyard 2003
Picture 160 Picture 161 Picture 162
GeneratorJoe® & Poggie GeneratorJoe® talking to women while running for City Council 2002 Captain Romano (Really!) aboard Caribbean Princess enroute to St Thomas VI with GeneratorJoe Romano
Picture 163 Picture 164 Picture 165
GeneratorJoe® relaxing on Cruise Ship in St Thomas New Years Party - Dec 2006 / Jan 2007 GeneratorJoe® in Armor Room of Metropolitan Museum in New York City
Picture 167 Picture 168
Sweetheart Ball - 2007 Sweetheart Ball - 2007 - Another Big Egg Joe with Bob DeCosta - Deputy Sheriffs - Radio Room 1970
Picture 170   Picture 173
GeneratorJoe® Logo   Original GeneratorJoe® - before Registered Trademark granted. GeneratorJoe® in Action
Refresh your browser to see him go!
  Las Vegas, Nevada
2000 Denver, CO
1999 Miami, Florida

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