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UPDATED 10/6/2004  3:00 PM Pacific Time (California)


See Purchasing procedures at the bottom of this page.

All units are NEW and come with a 12 month Manufacturers warranty, manuals and safety warnings, unless otherwise stated.

kW equals 1,000, so 5 kW is 5,000 watts. To find amps take kW times 1000 equal 5000 and divide by voltage (120) equals 41.6 Amps

The below list is being broadcast to our customers that have indicated an interest in purchasing large lots of generators. If you purchased from us before you will be given priority but still need to get your order in and transmit funds. We are buying these units for cash and we need to be paid in cash as well. Some customers with pre-existing account can transfer in a day or two if there is not other way but your PO must commit to payment by a specific date certain.

This is the procedure to order for large quantities. (Small order are by credit card.) You send us an email: Provide your name, your company name, address& contact info, the shipping address, list the units you want and how many. We need your tax ID # too. Then we work out how you will ship, our trucks, your trucks etc. After we confirm your order (your on hold), we will commit to the quantity and book the order. You send us a signed Fax and we send you our wire instructions in by email. You agree to transfer funds in the total amount including shipping and you must do so ASAP, if not immediately. When we receive your funds the order is GOLDEN and we ship your units immediately. Note: if they are in transit we will reship them the same day they arrive at our warehouse, usually within hours.

If your do not send funds within a reasonable time, we may at our option cancel your order and sell the generators to another party that is willing to transfer funds. Once the transaction is complete and shipped the order cannot be modified, cancelled or rescinded. It IS possible to change the destination after shipment but the trucking company may charge more for re-routing. Any shortages or problems will be dealt with promptly and if necessary your credits returned at once.

Shipping: We can arrange shipping on a standard truck( 3-10 days delivery), direct ship expedite from the warehouse to your shipping point (2-5 days max, two person crew driving 24 hours a day) or you can ship via your trucks and make your own arrangements. Texas to Florida takes about 50 hours of straight through driving. We can go point to point if you can open your receiving facility

Remember first come first serve. We cannot hold product based on promises in this situation. We urge you to lock up inventory with a PO and funds before it is all sold. From weather reports it appears the latest storm is turning west toward Florida. Call as soon as you can, when the storm passes and damage is widespread it is likely that everything will be sold out.

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