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If you experience frequent power outages or your area is susceptible to tornados or hurricanes, we can help you safely power your home or business using a portable generator. 

The best way to ensure reliable and continuous power is with a transfer switch or panel and your generator.

Portable generators can provide comfort, safety and security during power outages and emergencies, and can be installed temporarily during these situations. 

A portable generator must be installed properly to protect electrical utility workers, family members and property.  Improper installation of your portable generator and transfer switch system could void your home owner's insurance in case of accident or injury.

A transfer switch is the key to safe and convenient operation of portable generators for standby power. 

By isolating those circuits using generator power, a transfer switch eliminates the risk of back-feeding the electrical utility which can cause injury to workers and property damage. 

By installing a transfer switch at your breaker box and connecting a portable generator to the transfer switch, you can run selected appliances such as a furnace, well pump (which cannot be run with standard extension cords), sump pump, refrigerator, television, computer, printer or lighting circuit during a power outage, depending on the capacity of your generator.  

Since many home standby generators cannot handle all of these loads at the same time, the transfer switch allows you to manually transfer each of these loads separately whenever you need them.

Tips For Properly Installing Your Generator

  • Always run your generator in a ventilated area outdoors.

  • DO NOT operate your portable generator in an enclosed area indoors, such as in a basement or garage. This can create exhaust fumes that could cause injury or death.

  • DO NOT connect your generator directly to an electrical panel.  This can cause serious injury and damage if the main power is restored while the generator is operating.

  • Use a UL-Listed Transfer Switch between the electrical panel and the portable generator. If you do not use a UL-Listed transfer switch, your generator installation could cause wiring hazards and serious injury.

  • Exercise your generator and transfer switch once a month to ensure operation when actually needed.

  • Follow the instructions provided by your portable generator manufacturer for safe operation.

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