GeneratorJoe, Portable Generator, 5.5 kW, (5.5 kVA) 60 Hz,, gasoline fueled, air cooled, single phase, Model XCR55V

Portable Generator, GeneratorJoe, Patriot™ Series, 5.5 kW (5.5 kVA) 60 Hz, or 4.6 kW (4.6 kVA) 50 Hz. SKU VMPR-005G205, Model XCR55V,, Vanguard GX630, single phase, gasoline fueled, air cooled, 3600 RPM, recoil start, EPA/CARB, GeneratorJoe Generator

XCR55V, VMPR-005G205
XCR55V, VMPR-005G205

The GeneratorJoe Model XCR55V is a Patriot™ Series generator with 5.5 kW (5.5 kVA) 60 Hz, of maximum output.
Full Power Home Standby Model - This model is designed to be used for home standby. Purchase the Full Power Kit on the option menu and you can use 100% of the output to power your home or business.
The contractor grade generators are suitable for standby use. When you need the dependable portable power, the Patriot™ Series is for you. Available in several models, these models are competitively priced to deliver the performance and value found only on more expensive competitors models.

GeneratorJoe generators are designed for many applications where power is needed. GeneratorJoe generators are manufactured to commercial specifications using the latest manufacturing technologies. All models are built with the quality and reliability you would expect from a leading generator manufacturer.

Mecc-Alte brushless alternator used on this model are manufactured to exacting specifications using the latest mass production methods. GeneratorJoe generators use SmoothWave technology to control the voltage with a voltage variation less than 3% throughout the entire power range. That means you can use this generator with computers and sensitive electronics, safely, with no sacrifice in performance.

This model features a premium Vanguard model GX630, 1 cylinder, 9 HP, gasoline fueled, air cooled engine with recoil start. > Also Available . GX630, EPA Tier 4iThis model runs at 3600 RPM and generates 5.5 kW (5.5 kVA) 60 Hz, of Standby (emergency or maximum) power and 4 kW prime (continuous) power at a primary voltage of 120/240 VAC, single phase, 60 Hertz, with 6% voltage accuracy. Other voltages available are shown in the opened Specifications Window (Click the Open Specification Window button). 50 Hz models are available as a special order. To see 50 Hz amperages click on the 50 Hz box in the opened Specification Window.

In the opened specification window you can find conversions for metric measurements, single phase deration of three phase units, derating calculations for elevation and temperature as well as fuel consumption and total run time by tank size. Click the Open Specification Window button to see these utilities and additional information.

Open dimensions are 28" Long X 22" Wide X 25" High. Open weight is 132 lbs. Open quietness is 74 db at 7 meters.

This product has a factory warranty of 24 months Please see model notes below.

Other Requirements or Options:If you do not find the options you need in the drop down option windows above or if you have other requirements, please call us and tell us what you require. If your needed option is not available we have many other brands that may provide the options you need or we will have a generator custom made if necessary. Please contact us at (707) 542-2224 or write

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Included Equipment: Generator engine and alternator on roll cage mount platform, 5 gallon day tank, mechanical governor, residential muffler (enclosed models), industrial muffler (open models), rubber isolators, included charging alternator, air filter, owners manual and warranty. Other options are NOT included please purchase the options from the option lists.

Standard Features
Patriot™ Series, 5.5 kW (5.5 kVA) 60 Hz, or 4.6 kW (4.6 kVA) 50 Hz. SKU VMPR-005G205, Model XCR55V,
All Copper Windings< 6% Distortion, Exclusive Smooth Wave TechnologyCircuit Breakers Protect Generator From Overload
Solid State IgnitionLow Oil ShutdownCast Iron Cylinder Liner
1" Welded Tubular Steel Roll Cage