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Smart Clip-On Series, 15 kW (19 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU TKCG-015D003, Model SGCO 3000 Clip-On, Enclosed Only, EXPORT ONLY, CANNOT be shipped to or used in North America
TKCG-015D003 (4523)
ThermoKing 3412C-TA, three phase, diesel fueled, liquid cooled, electric start
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This product sold on GSA Contract: GS-07F-5964R
  • Detailed Description

    Smart Clip-On Series, 15 kW (19 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU TKCG-015D003, Model SGCO 3000 Clip-On, generator sets are self-contained, fully-automatic, diesel-powered unit designed to supply 230 or 460 Volt AC electrical power for container refrigeration units. An exclusive, direct injection diesel engine drives a brushless generator to produce 15 KW of output power at 120F (49C) ambient temperature. The smart, reliable way to protect your container perishables when a generator set takes over.

    • Now features state-of-the-art microprocessor controller as standard
    • The new standard in fuel efficient engines, built exclusively for transport refrigeration
    • Worldwide service and parts availability
    • Automatic restart feature helps to keep generator running
    • Self diagnosis allows for ease in troubleshooting and maintenance

    Smart Clip On Standard Features

    • P-G solid-state, electronic microprocessor controller with digital display of:
      • Output voltage
      • Output frequency
      • Engine water temp (F or C)
      • Engine oil pressure
      • Engine RPMs
      • Battery volts
      • Field current
      • Run hours
      • 2 programmable hour meters
    • TK486 direct-injection diesel engine
    • Exclusive, direct drive brushless generator
      • 15 KW, 18.75 KVA, 230, 460 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz
      • Disc type radial fan for cooling
      • Sealed, large diameter rear bearing with special lubrication for long life
      • Exclusive vacuum pressure impregnated rotor and stator
      • Class F synthetic insulation which resists contamination (per NEMA standards)
    • Standard color
      • Black frame, white panels and doors
    • Manual control switch
      • On/Off
    • Coolant protection
      • Check level alarm indicator
      • 50:50 antifreeze
      • Radiator expansion/de-aeration tank
      • Silicone coolant hoses
    • Corrosion-resistant protection
      • Solid welded, heavy-gauge steel frame with special sea-going finish
      • Non-corrosive fittings
      • Stainless steel exterior hardware
      • Copper tube, aluminum fin radiator
      • Poly-vinyl coating on the engine and generator
      • Stainless steel muffler
    • Maintenance reduction features:
      • Vibration isolation system
      • Heavy-duty oil bath air system
      • Fuel filter/water separator
      • Full-flow oil filter
      • Battery
    • Protection devices:
      • Engine coolant high temp coolant
      • Engine low oil pressure cutout
      • Alternator overload cutout
    • Unit controls include
      • On/Off switch
      • 5 simple buttons to scroll through menu
    • Fuel tanks are provided standard as integral part of unit
      • 125 gal. (473 liter)
    • Dimensions: inches (millimeters)
      • Height 42.7 (1084.5)
      • Width 92.0 (2337)
      • Depth 27.97* (710) (including fuel tank)
    • Weight (approximate) 1,920 lbs; 873 kg
    • Optional: 230 VAC wired unit with receptacle, 60 Hz, three-phase operation.
      • Unit can be wired for dual receptacles: 230 VAC and 460 VAC
      • Header pin mounting

    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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  • Standard Features
    Smart Clip-On Series, 15 kW (19 kVA) 60 Hz, SKU TKCG-015D003, Model SGCO 3000 Clip-On, Enclosed Only, EXPORT ONLY, CANNOT be shipped to or used in North America
    Please see the individual product brochures for product features.
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