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Feature Summary - 185 Series Transfer Switches

Protect your home, business, and peace of mind with the ASCO Series 185 Automatic or Manual Transfer Switch.

Why should you choose an ASCO Automatic Power Transfer Switch?

Housewife at home
Customer service, rock-solid dependability, and the industry's highest performance have made ASCO the first choice in emergency power for more than 110 years. Our power transfer switches are used in more emergency power backup systems worldwide than any other. ASCO is the name behind most of the technological advances in transfer switch design, and we have more patents than all other manufacturers combined. ASCO transfer switches are the first choice for installations of every kind, from homes and small businesses to the largest financial data-centers and hospitals in the world.


185 Transfer Switch Closed        185 Transfer Switch Open

The Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch incorporates the latest technology developed by ASCO for dependable operation in any environment. When utility power fails for just 3 seconds or more, the Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch signals the generator to start.
  • In less than 30 seconds your electrical power is restored.
  • Once the Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch senses utility power has reached an acceptable voltage level for a period of time, it automatically reconnects your power.
  • It then smoothly shuts the generator down after a 1-minute cool-down period to extend generator life.
  • The Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch automatically performs a test to simulate utility power failure every 7 days, with or without load.
  • The user-friendly control panel also allows you to manually run a test at the push of a button.
  • LED indicators let you know the availability of both power sources and transfer switch positions.
  • The Series 185, and every ASCO Transfer Switch meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of UL1008, the only UL transfer switch standard. It even says so right on the front panel. If you don't see the UL Automatic Transfer Switch label ... you're not getting the best protection money can buy.



Residential power outages can jeopardize homeowner personal safety and comfort, and also cause millions of dollars in damages to small businesses each year.

Computers, communications, air conditioning, security systems, refrigerators and freezers, hot water heaters and sump pumps all depend on electrical power to operate.

A generator is one piece of the solution. An ASCO Series 185 Power Transfer Switch is the other, the vital link that makes continuous power hassle free.

ASCO Series 185 Power Transfer Switches provide all  the intelligence your generator needs to make sure the power stays on when utility power fails. Sensing the loss of utility power and signaling the generator to start and restore power to your home or business – even if no one is home. When utility power has been restored, the Series 185 Power Transfer Switch automatically transfers your vital loads back to the utility and shuts the generator down.

Working hand in hand with virtually every brand of generator, ASCO Series 185 Power Transfer Switches provide around-the-clock protection from a power failure, taking action only when required.

ASCO Series 185 Power Transfer Switches are suitable for operation with portable or permanently mounted standby generators supporting loads up to 200 Amperes.


  • User-friendly control interface with easy to understand symbols and visual indicators to inform operator of transfer switch and power source status

  • Listed to UL 1008 for optional standby systems, handling total system load including motors and all other electrical loads

  • cUL Listed for Canadian installations

  • Meets Article 702, NFPA-70 National Electric Code (NEC) requirements

  • Nominal service voltage 240V 50/60Hz, single phase, 3 wire AC systems

  • True double-throw contacts with inherent mechanical interlocking to prevent connection of generator and utility sources

  • Terminals for convenient connection of neutral and ground conductors

  • Textured RAL 7035 light beige color aesthetically suitable for residential applications

  • Available in NEMA Type 1 Indoor (steel) and Type 3R Outdoor (aluminum) enclosures, with hinged door designs

  • NEMA 1 size is 24"H x 14.25"W x 8.25"D

  • NEMA 3R size is 24"h x 16"w x 10"D

  • Adjustable 1 or 3 second time delay for overriding momentary utility source disruptions

  • 10 second time delay before load transfer to emergency source, to allow generator warm-up and stabilization

  • Adjustable 0 or 4 second time delay while on standby source to ignore momentary generator voltage dips

  • 15 minute time delay before load retransfer back to utility source, to ensure stability of utility power

  • Adjustable 2 or 5 minute unloaded running time delay allows generator to cool down prior to shutdown

  • Weekly generator exerciser with or with out load transfer.

  • 50 or 60 hertz operation


Push Buttons
On the front control display are three push buttons that control the operation of the generator and the ATS.

Transfer Test:
Use this button to test the system. This operation starts the generator and transfers the load.

Bypass Time Delay:
Use this button to cancel the active time delay or exercise period (stops the generator after cool down).

Set Engine Exerciser:
Use this button to set the automatic generator exerciser


A85 Transfer Switch Status Panel

Indicator Lights
On the front control display are five lights that indicate the status of the sources and the ATS.

Utility Acceptable:
This light indicates that the utility voltage is acceptable for connection to the load

Generator Acceptable:
This light indicates that the generator voltage is acceptable for connection to the load.

Load on Utility:
This light indicates that the generator voltage is acceptable for connection to the load.

Automatic Generator Exerciser:
When the utility is acceptable and the load is on the utility, this light flashes the number of days until the next exercise period. When it is off, no exerciser period is set. The light is also off when the generator is running

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