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ASCO 7000 Series Transfer Switches - Switch Types

Closed Transition Transfer Switching Closed Transition Transfer Switching
ASCO Automatic Closed-Transition Transfer Switches feature main contacts that overlap, permitting the transfer of electrical loads without power interruption. The switch transfers in a make-before-break mode if both sources are within acceptable parameters. Control logic continuously monitors source conditions and automatically determines whether the load transfer should be open (conventional non-overlap mode) or closed transition. Available 150 through 4000 amperes.

Closed-Transition Transfer within 5 electrical degrees is achieved passively, without control of the engine generator set. Therefore, no additional control wire runs are required between the ATS and engine generator set governor. Plus, protective relaying may not be required under normal operation since the contact overlap time is less than 100 milliseconds (consult your local utility on protective relay requirements).

Failure to synchronize indication and extended parallel time protection is built-in to all 7000 Series closed transition controls to prevent abnormal operation.
Delayed Transition Transfer Switching Delayed Transition Transfer Switching
ASCO Delayed Transition Transfer Switches are designed to provide transfer of loads between power sources with a timed load disconnect position for an adjustable period of time. Applications include older style variable frequency drives, rectifier banks, and load management applications.
  • Available 150 through 4000 amperes.
  • Utilizes reliable, field proven solenoid operating mechanisms.
  • Mechanical interlocks to prevent direct connection of both sources.
  • Indicator light (16mm, industrial grade type LED) for load disconnect position.
  • Adjustable time delay for load disconnect position.


Non-Automatic Transfer Switching Non-Automatic Transfer Switching
ASCO Non-Automatic Transfer Switches are electrically operated units which are operated with manual control switches mounted locally or at remote locations.
  • Sizes from 30 through 4000 amperes.
  • Microprocessor based controller provides for addition of optional accessories.
  • Controller prevents inadvertent operation under low voltage conditions.
  • Low operating currents allow for long line runs between remotely mounted manual control switches and the transfer switch.
  • Source acceptability lights inform operator if sources are available to accept load.
  • Standard in-phase monitor can be activated for transferring motor loads.
Automatic Transfer Bypass-Isolation Switching Automatic Transfer Bypass-Isolation Switching
ASCO Automatic Transfer & Bypass-Isolation Switches are available in open transition, closed transition and delayed transition designs. The bypass and isolation features allow power transfer switches to be inspected, tested, and maintained without any interruption of power to the load.
  • Available 140 to 4000 amperes.
  • Allows bypass-isolation without load interruption.
  • Bypass switch and transfer switch have identical electrical ratings.
  • Heavy duty mechanical interlocks prevent undesirable operation.
  • Bypass contacts carry current only during bypass mode.
  • Transfer switch is draw-out design for ease of maintenance.
  • Bypass and isolation handles are permanently mounted. The bypass switch has dead front quick-make, quick-break operation for transferring of loads between live sources.
  • Bypass switch is fully rated for use as a manual 3-position transfer switch.
  • Bypass and isolation functions are simple, requiring a total of two operating handles.
  • No toggle switches, push buttons, selector switches or levers are required for bypass-isolation operation.
  • Mechanical indicators show bypass and transfer switch positions.

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