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GeneratorJoe has over 15,000 individual items listed on our GSA contract. With products and options there are over 100,000 combinations of items available for sale on GSA Advantage. 

GSA Advantage is a government website that allows government agencies to purchase products at reduced prices. The prices were pre-negotiated by a federal government contract officer. Under the Federal Supply Schedule system, GSA enters into contracts with commercial vendors who provide supplies and services at predetermined prices for specified periods of time.

Federal, State, County and Local government agencies can purchase products at GSA prices from GeneratorJoe. In most states government agencies can purchase products WITHOUT BIDDING, via pre-negotiated federal purchasing websites OR from companies that offer published GSA prices. Purchasing without bidding is allowed because the price is already negotiated and those prices are lower than prices offered to the general public.

GeneratorJoe will honor GSA contract prices to all Federal, State, County and local government agencies.

If you are a Federal Government Agency or are allowed to purchase in the federal purchasing system you may log onto GSA Advantage and make purchases online in that system. Click on GSA Advantage to go to that site. We are listed as GeneratorJoe Inc. on federal purchasing sites, please search for us under that name.

We are a disabled veteran owned small business.  If you are a government agency with any contract with the federal government you will benefit by purchasing products from GeneratorJoe. Most federal contracts require vendors to purchase from disabled veterans and small businesses whenever possible.

Here are the numbers you need for government purchasing:

GeneratorJoe Inc. DBA GeneratorJoe

Cage 1U5V7 - TIN/EIN #943026355  - Duns #054590203 - A small business owned by a service connected disabled veteran.

Contract Numbers: GSA GS-07F-5964R

If you need assistance purchasing products at GSA prices, please let us know. Contract us at [email protected] or 707-542-2224


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