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12 Day cruise in Mediterranean Sea and Greek Isles.  Ship Itinerary: Civitavecchia Italy, Naples Italy, Rhodes Greece, Izmir Turkey, Istanbul Turkey,  Athens Greece, Katakolon Greece, Livorno Italy, Civitavecchia Italy.  We visited the Vatican and St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City etc. (we had a private tour guide and did not wait in line which was about 3 miles long and a 4 hour wait).

Sites we saw included the Coliseum, Catacombs, Acropolis, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Via Condotti shopping district, Michael Angelo's David in Florence, Pompeii, Cardinals house at Ville d' Este, Hadrian's Villa and Leaning Tower of Pisa.  We saw the site of the palace in the Guns of Navarone. In Turkey we loved the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Roman Cisterns and the Pudding Shop where the "meeting" in the Midnight Express took place. The owner of the Pudding Shoppe loved us because Pixie was so cute and GeneratorJoe had a sheriffs badge (which he wanted to keep, see the pictures).

The cities and towns we visited included Vatican City; In Italy: Civitavecchia, Rome, Lucca, Livorno, Naples, Sorrento, Florence, Pisa, and the beautiful little town of Positano, In Greece: Athens, Rhodes and Katakolon. In Turkey: Istanbul and Izmir.

We hired private limousines with a driver in every city. This is the best way to tour because the drivers live in the cities, know where to eat and shop and can get in areas that tour buses and taxi's just cant go. If you tour these cities, contact the guides below and you will get the best tour you can imagine, The rates are very fair and less than what most tour companies charge for group tours.  We personally recommend these companies and drivers for first class service and area knowledge. We had a great time.

Rome Italy Guide - Rino Romano (believe it or not!)  Best Guide in Italy!  Is he putting the make on Pixie? Rhodes Greece Guide - Nick
Italy Limousine - [email protected]
Italy Telephone +39 (081) 8080457
Rino will buy you lunch!

GeneratorJoe International Lunch: Rino is buying lunch!.
Rhodes Taxi Services - [email protected]

Ephesus Turkey Guide - Mehmet Cabuk Best Guide In Turkey - See how he loves the Pixie too! Florence Italy Guide - Alessandro Caratelli
Guide Izmir Turkey - [email protected]   Driver - [email protected]

Two Handsome Italians - Rino Romano & Friend Luigi Vatican Hallway Local Actor Outside Coliseum Likes the Pixie
GenJoe & Pixie with local actor. GenJoe gets a helmet too! GenJoe retrieving Pixie from local actors.
Guards surrender to Pixie Pixie at Trevi Fountain Rome Visiting Villa Adrianna - 30 Acre Estate of Hadrian - Tivoli Italy
Gardens at Villa Adrianna - Tivoli Italy Guide & Pixie at Villa Adrianna - Tivoli Italy Gardens at Villa Adrianna - Tivoli Italy

Gift Shop - Positano Italy Fountains at Villa Adrianna - Tivoli Italy Big Lemons - Positano Italy
Local Gift shop - GenJoe saying hi. - Positano Italy  Overlooking the sea - Rhodes Greece Italian Pixie Mobile - She Wants It!
Traffic Policeman - Positano Italy Traffic Policeman likes Pixie Desert & Champagne at Sorrento Italy
Government Building - Rhodes Greece Pixie & Camel friend in Ephesus Turkey Relief Carving of Nike - Ephesus Turkey
Fur Creators in Rhodes Greece Pixie with her custom made Black Diamond Mink Ruins along the road - Ephesus Turkey

Roman Toilets -  Ephesus Turkey- They had meetings while... Buying Chess set in Florence Italy Freddy FunShip on Carnival Freedom
Our waiters on Carnival Freedom Underground Roman cisterns - Istanbul Turkey Turkish Policeman guarding central police station - machine guns everywhere.
Owner of original Pudding Shop from the movie Midnight Express Outside the Pudding Shop - Istanbul Turkey Acropolis in Athens Greece Lale Restaurant  
Pixie and friend Wendy at Guardhouse outside palace - Athens Greece Pixie and friend Todd outside old church in Athens Greece Fountain in Florence Italy
Overlooking Florence Italy Fountain in Florence Italy Pixie on the Ponte Vecchio - Florence Italy
Ponte Vecchio Police Patrol - Florence Italy Pixie & Beautiful Italian Waitress - Florence Italy Dining Room on Carnival Freedom
Courtyard at the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa Italy Pixie at Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa Italy Court Yard of the Vatican - Rome Italy
    Laocoon at the Vatican

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