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Generator Sizing Guide

Power requirements must be determined to properly size your generator. We are providing some steps to assist you in approximating the size generator for your power needs. Please keep in mind that unless you are qualified, you should use a certified electrician to determine your power needs.

At GeneratorJoe it is our goal to assist our customers in any way possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Answer these questions, write down your answers.

Determine your need, What do you want to run in an emergency and why? Do you want the generator to operate part or all of your home or office?
Identify the appliances and/or tools the generator will need to power.  Make a list and fill in the blanks. Click here for a printable form Use the form to make a list.
Determine the wattage for each appliance and tool you plan to use frequently. Click here to get a list of common appliance's motors and other power uses. Wattage Guide
Identify motor and pump requirements. Use the motor and pump table by clicking Motor Table
Calculate and total the wattage for the motors and pumps frequently used. Always use starting watts, not running watts, when determining the correct electrical load requirements. Calculations - Doing It Exactly
Total the wattage of the appliances & tools and the motors & pumps.. Keep in mind that you will not  operate everything all at once. Therefore, for emergency use you don’t need to size the generator to operate everything just what you need to survive and be comfortable. Wattage Guide
Convert watts into kilowatts by dividing the total watts to determine the generator size required. Conversions
Please note that it is suggested, although not absolutely necessary, to size the generator 20-25% over the size you determine your needs to be. This will allow room for future growth. For example, if you determine that you will need a 15 kW generator then it is  advisable to purchase an 18 kW generator to accommodate future expansion.

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