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Pre-Planned Rentals - Emergency Rentals - 60 & 50 Hertz
Got A Power Need?  CALL US!
707 542-2224 if no answer leave message and then call 707 696-1160
(Rentals available throughout the USA, via cooperative dealer network)


High Quality Diesel Powered Generators  •  24-Hr Fuel Tanks Sound Attenuated  • Trailer Mounted  •  Auto-Start Controls  •  Full Control Panels  •  Main Line Breakers
Coolant Heater • Trickle Charger • Critical Mufflers •  We Provide Refueling & Site Service too!
We Also Rent:  Cables  •  Load Banks  •  U.L. Fuel Tanks  •  Auto Transfer Switches  • Compressors  •   Chillers & Air Conditioners  • 


All rentals are unique!   Please let us quote you a rate for your situation and duration.

40 hours
Rental Generators Available - Estimated Rates
Sound AttenuatedFuelElectricalDimensions (Feet)Weights (est)Single Shift RateDouble Shift RateTriple Shift Rate
60Hz @ 1800 RPMAvg. Fuel
at Full Load
Rated Line Amps 480VAssorted
Day WeekMonth1.5 Times Single Shift Rate2.0 Times Single Shift Rate
50HZ @ 1500 RPMHours shown are maximum hours per shift for the period.
          8 40 160 168032024160640
15 kW0.8 GPH75 gals22110/6006'3'3'1,4001,600CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
20-30kW1.0-3.0 GPH75 & 400 gals30-36110/6008'4'3' 10"2,2002000 & 4500CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
40-100kW3.5-8.0 GPH87 & 400 gals50-130110/60012'-13'4'-4' 6"5' 10"5,0004000 & 6000CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
40-100kW3.5-8.0 GPH250 & 400 gals50-130110/60012'-13'4'-4' 6"5' 10"6,0006000 & 8000CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
125-200kW9.0-14.0 GPH280 & 450 gals180-240110/60014'4' 8"7'8,4507000 & 8500CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
225-350kW15.0-24.0 GPH280 & 300 gals330-420110/60016' 6"5' 10"8' 2"12,3509500 & 13500CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
400kW26.0 GPH600 & 1000 gals602380/60020'8'8' 6"18,15022,110CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
500kW32.0 GPH600 & 1000 gals752380/60020' or 40'8'8' 6"20,00023,000CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
600kW42.0 GPH300 & 600 gals902380/60024' & 40'8'8' 6"25,50028,650CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
750kW54.0 GPH1000 & 2000 gals1128380/60024' & 40'8'8' 6"30,80041,500CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
1,000kW67.0 GPH300 gals1503380/60024' & 40'8'8' 6"31,25035,650CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
1,250kW84.0 GPH2000 gals1886380/60020'8'8' 6"33,47037,870CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
1500kW105 GPH20002260380/60030' or 40'8'9' 6"45,00063,000CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
1750kW135 GPH20002640380/60030' or 40'8'9' 6"53,90079,500CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall
2000kW150 GPH2003015380/60040'8'9' 6"53,90079,500CallCallCallCallCallCallCallCallCall

We will rent any new or used trailer mounted unit on our website for a six (6) minimum rental period. We will add equipment to our fleet for any long term rental you may require.

We have hundreds of rental units and we re-rent from all other rental companies.


707 542-2224 if no answer leave message and if an emergency then call 707 696-1160

Rental Terms, Conditions and Information
ContractAll rentals performed on a signed contract. All terms and conditions on rental agreement prevail.
Rate BaseAll rates are based on an 8 hour day, 40 hour week and 160 hour month. Months are calculated in a four week (twenty-eight days) period.
Double Shift, Triple ShiftBilled at 1.5 times the base rate. Triple shift operation will be billed at 2.0 times the base rate. Bills are rendered once a month and are due immediately. Days for months longer than 28 days are prorated. All billings are for the month advancing. On delivery the first month rental is immediately due along with delivery charges, if any.
 Start/End RentalEquipment is rented until returned, in service or not. Date starts on rental agreement starting date, picked up or not.
 Pickup/Return PointUnits are FOB current location. Delivery and pickup is portal to portal from current location to yours and back. 
Delivery/PickupDelivery by truck, $55 per hour plus mileage. Large unit Drayage/Hauling quoted at cost plus 20%.
Emergency ServiceAll emergency service and service is charged at prevailing rates plus 20%.
Customer Engine ServiceCustomer is responsible for servicing the engine every 250 hours which requires all filters and oil changed. Units larger than 500 kW must be serviced by a generator service company approved by GeneratorJoe.
Fuel ChargesGenerators up to 350 kW come with full fuel tanks and must be returned full of fuel or we will charge for fuel to fill the tanks. Generator over 350 kW usually only have 200 gallons of fuel when delivered and must be re-filled to the same level to avoid fuel charges. Fuel is charged for at $3.50 per gallon or cost plus 20% whichever is higher.
Electrical HookupAll hookups done by the customer. We may assist and inspect at our option at no cost to you. We can also provide experienced electricians to help you setup and disconnect your rental equipment.
Cleaning ChargesUnits returned excessively dirty are subject to a cleaning charge at our discretion.
Sales TaxesUnits rented in California must have sales tax added. No exceptions.
InsuranceCustomer must provide proof of adequate liability, damage and loss insurance before delivery or the customer must purchase insurance from GeneratorJoe.
Downtime CreditDowntime is not credited. If we substitute a generator for a failed unit we pay move in/out of the replacement.
FailuresAll equipment failures must be reported immediately to the telephone number we provide.
ReservationsWe can reserve equipment for you for a nominal fee, typically 10% of the rental rate. If you do not rent we retain the fee, if you rent we credit your rental.
707 542-2224 if no answer leave message and if an emergency then call 707 696-1160

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