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Become a GeneratorJoe® Star!

The GeneratorJoe® STAR program was started to help GeneratorJoe® find useful data, formulas and other information that we could share with our visitors and customers.

The program started with a science teacher in Cleveland Ohio who asked GeneratorJoe® a question. The question was "How do you convert propane liquid gallons to vapor?" and "How do you calculate the run time of a generator on a propane fuel tank?"

Joe told Dave he did not know but he wanted to find out some day. Joe invited Dave to find out and GeneratorJoe® would publish the result. So Dave being a science teacher, could not sleep till he figured it out. Dave sent Joe the results and Joe included the contribution on the GeneratorJoe® site, making Dave the first GeneratorJoe® STAR. Thanks Dave!

Dave Cornelius, former science teacher, Cleveland, Ohio
Inspiration for GeneratorJoe® Star Program

If you have useful formula or helpful information that you would like to contribute?

Write to and earn your GeneratorJoe® STAR.

If you obtain information from another source please provide attribution unless the information is in the public domain. Materials found on the internet should be credited to the author not the site where you find the information.

GeneratorJoe® STARS

Star 1. Dave Cornelius, Cleveland, Ohio.   Gallons of Propane to Vapor Propane, Conversion Formula & Examples


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