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Warranty Coverage for Onan RV Generators

Onan is so confident in its RV generators, we back them with a 3-year limited warranty. The longest, most comprehensive warranty in the business. And it's transferable from one owner to another if you decide to sell your RV during the generator warranty period.

The Onan RV warranty covers virtually everything that could go wrong during the first two years of operation. In addition, it covers parts and labor on major power train and generator parts during the third year.

Frequently Asked Warranty Questions

Q: How do I know if my Onan RV generator is still under warranty?
It depends on the in-service date of the generator. The warranty on your set began on its in-service date--the day the set was purchased from a dealer, distributor or factory by its original owner. The warranty on the set is valid for three years from that date, regardless of whether you are the original owner or bought the generator used from a previous owner. Because a generator may remain in a dealer's inventory for an indeterminate amount of time before being sold to an end user, the date that a set was manufactured is not always a reliable indicator of its warranty status.

Q: How do I request warranty service on my generator?
Gather your generator records and contact an Onan-certified dealer or distributor. If your set needs service and is still under warranty, you will need some proof of its original in-service date to receive warranty service. If you need help locating the nearest Onan-certified service location, use the Service Finder on this site or call 1-800-888-ONAN (1-800-888-6626).

Q: What is NOT covered by the Onan warranty?
Problems caused by improper maintenance or misuse of the generator are not covered by warranty, even if they occur during the warranty period. The Onan warranty is the most comprehensive in the business, but it's essential that you read and follow the maintenance schedule, operating instructions and generator exercise recommendation in your Operator's Manual. generator problems caused by improper maintenance or misuse of the set are not covered by warranty. For example, if a gasoline generator is not used often enough, fuel "varnish" can accumulate in the carburetor and fuel pump. If severe enough, this varnishing can require the replacement of the affected parts. Because this can be prevented by the owner with proper use, it is not a warrantable condition and any parts and labor would be at the owner's expense.

Q: Can I purchase an extended warranty?
You can if your original warranty has not yet expired. For an additional charge, full coverage can be extended to five years, through the Onan Care Extended Warranty. Talk to your Onan-certified dealer for details.

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