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Complete online selection of Propane (LP) RV vehicle generators from Onan.
2,500 watts (2.5 kW) to 6,500 watts (6.5 kW). 60 Hertz. 1 Phase - LP engines from Onan.

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Factory brochures are shown to allow customers to compare specifications between brands and to provide specifications for models on our New & Used Available Now List. If model numbers on the brochure list below match model numbers on the New/Used List, they will be shown on this reference list and highlighted in yellow. Check the New & Used Available Now List for similar units that are available. GeneratorJoe can provide any size of generator on this reference list in another brand. Use the back button to see other brands in this category that are available. GeneratorJoe brand models have a 5 year warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. If you need help finding a model for your project, call GeneratorJoe at 707-539-9003 or write [email protected].
kW Brand Series kW/kVA GeneratorJoe# Manufacturer Model Engine Brand Engine Model Reference
2.5 kW Onan MicroLite 2.5 kW (3.1 kVA) 60 Hz ONRV-003V003 2.5 HGLAA-8304 AA063N930 Onan GH200 Factory Brochure
3.6 kW Onan MicroQuiet 3.6 kW (4.5 kVA) 60 Hz ONRV-004V102 3.6 KY-FA26120 A055E865 Onan E095H Factory Brochure
5.5 kW Onan Marquis Gold 5.5 kW (6.9 kVA) 60 Hz ONRV-006V505 5.5 HGJAB-1119J A63B871 Onan EH65V Factory Brochure
6.5 kW Onan Marquis Gold 6.5 kW (8.1 kVA) 60 Hz ONRV-007V508 6.5 HGJAB-904 A063B875 Onan EH65V Factory Brochure