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Remote ATS Monitoring Systems Series 300 and Series 7000

5200 Power Manager

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ASCO 5200D Series Power Manager

The ASCO Power Manager is a microprocessor metering device specifically designed for transfer switch applications to provide real-time measurements of single and three phase power systems. It uses digital signal processing technology to measure voltage and phase currents which it uses to calculate real, reactive and apparent power and bi-directional energy.

All measurements are viewed locally or at a remote PC via PowerQuest® or SITEWEBTM products. It can also collect data for both normal and emergency positions using auxiliary contact inputs from the transfer switch. Eight digital input and four digital outputs available for customer use. The ASCO 5200 Series Power Manager is available with or without a stand alone NEMA 1 enclosure.

Direct voltage input for systems up to 600 Volts AC can be monitored without the use of external potential transformers (PTs). Measure 3 phase currents and a fourth current input is available for measuring current in the neutral conductor.


Power Metering
  • Voltage:
    Line - Line: VAB, VBC, VCA, VAVERAGE
    Line - Neutral: VAN, VBN, VCN, VAVERAGE
  • Frequency: 45.0 to 66.0 Hertz
  • Current: IA, IB, IC, IAVERAGE
  • Unbalance %: Voltage, Amps
  • Real Power: KWA, KWB, KWC, KWNET
  • Reactive Power: KVARA, KVARB, KVARC, KVARNET
  • Apparent Power: KVAA, KVAB, KVAC, KVANET
  • Power Factor: PFA, PFB, PFC, PFNET

    Data Access

    • Eight digital inputs, four relay outputs.
    • Input/Output 15-character, user definable screen display for identification of input/output signals.


Optional Configurations and
Connection Arrangements
Connected To:
With Display
Without display
Acc. 85L
Acc. 75L
Acc. 85N
Acc. 75N
Acc. 85M
Acc. 75M
Acc. 85R*
Acc. 75R*
Add Suffix "A" to above designations if neutral conductor monitoring is required.

NOTE: Accessory 75 and 85 include component mounting, CTs, shorting blocks and all necessary interwiring.

* Bypass & isolation switch contacts wired to discrete power manager inputs.

Configurable Designations

  • Local - A four line 20 character LCD backlit display.

  • Remote - With optional Acc. 72A communication module and Power Manager monitoring systems.

  • Provides a user programmable set point based on watt demand and can be used to control one of the four relay outputs. Used for peak shaving applications.

Integrated ATS Features

  • When configured on load of ATS:

    • Displays ATS position.

    • Displays power data as a function of ATS position (normal/emergency).

    • Accumulates energy data separately for normal and emergency sources.

Operator's Manuals
Type Manual Number
Power Manager 381333-192A (603K)
5200 Series Power Manager Xp
Connectivity to the ASCO® Power Manager Xp & 7000 Series Group 5 Controller via Modbus®

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