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How Do We Compare?   We beat the competition!
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GeneratorJoe   The Competition, Most Sites
Where possible we are Authorized Dealers for everything we sell! In most cases we are factory authorized or we have an agreement or contract from the manufacturer, distributor or dealer authorizing our sale of the equipment. We register your warranty and maintain records of your sale. If you have a warranty claim we will be there to help.  NOT Authorized or black-market sellers buy from unauthorized or unscrupulous dealers and resell to you. If you have a warranty problem or need installation these companies will let you down. Your warranty will be VOID if you buy from a non-authorized fly-by-night vendor. BUYER BEWARE! You have no way to make up for the shortcomings of the unauthorized dealer and they already have your money!
FAIR PRICES! Sometimes we aren't the lowest. We have to pay overhead and we have to pay our employees a living wage. We provide our employees with full benefits, life insurance and retirement, we cannot do that by making $50 or $100 a generator. We also do not mark up freight, you pay actual cost.

We must make a fair profit or we can't be fair to our hardworking, dedicated employees!. We want to stay in business for the long term. We are not interested in quick profits. We are here to stay.

 CUT-THROAT PRICES! Many companies make little or nothing on the sale of a generator. They often sell the generator at $50 to $100 over cost and then increase the freight charges to make up the discount. Many of these companies are one person shops and work out of their homes. If they have employees they don't pay much and don't have benefits either. These companies don't last. We see them come and go every year. They wont be around when you need service or you cant find your receipt for warranty repairs. These companies want to make flash profits and do care if they stay in business or not. They get the money and run.
Reasonable fair prices! Prices are real, no bait and switch! Understated prices (if any shown at all) but they usually can't deliver.
Only NEW, Factory Refurbished or Authorized Rebuilt equipment is sold. If products are used they are clearly marked USED. We never fake it. They often sell factory seconds, demos, used and abused equipment for new. Used equipment is cleaned and painted and looks great on the outside. Used equipment is sold as new by replacing hour meters and cleaning/painting. If the price is really low, LQQK out! BUYER BEWARE!
SKU (stocking) numbers for every product, easy to identify. We make sure you get what you order.  No numbers to identify items or they use confusing factory numbers. You risk buying something you did not want. Then try to send it back! You pay freight, if they will take it back at all.
We show only current products available now! outgoing and discontinued products are clearly marked. We avoid factory closeouts because you can not get parts later. Show discontinued products and current product mixed together, so you do not know what is new and what is obsolete already.
Complete our detailed product descriptions. We use factory descriptions if possible. Show a picture and one or two lines of general information.
Comparative tables that show important data on every generator product, small to large. A table in the same format for every product lets you see difference clearly. No way to compare basic data on engines, power and fuel consumption. Impossible to make value decisions.
Factory brochures online whenever available. Rarely provide factory brochures.
Prices on every product, no mystery. Order now at a fixed price. Our prices are fair. No bait and switch ever! Honest prices and fair freight prices. True honest business deals is all we do.  Rarely shows any price! Why? To get you to call! they want to size you up to see how much they can charge you for an item. BEWARE: These vendors increase the freight charges to make up for low product prices. This is bait and switch and its illegal. CMD, CS, AG, HARD, AP, GSS. They know who they are!
Support the Industry. We support and deal with reputable generator manufacturers, distributors, dealers and suppliers. We deal with professional companies in a professional manner. They must have service departments, stock parts and have professional employees or we will not sell their products. We do not buy from liquidators, scrap houses, ship breakers, trash haulers and salvagers. Most low cost generator sellers don't support the industry. They want to make a fast buck and leave. They don't care if they leave you with equipment that does not work or cant be serviced, that your problem. They buy product from anywhere and anyone and try to get rid of it fast. They don't require parts, service or professional staffing, they just need to get the product in and sell it fast for a small profit.
Current pictures of what you get if you buy. No substitutes.  Usually show "similar items" or upgraded models that you won't get but it looks better then product being sold.
No Bait and Switch. If its on our site we can get it. We wont try to sell you something else because this was just bait.  Bait and Switch is rampant. Most products shown can't be acquired or can not be sold at super low prices shown.
Biggest selection online. More brands, more models all accessories. Usually one or two brands and a few models, not many complete lines shown.
We carry most major brands and no junk! If we get a lot of dead on arrival returns or products frequently arrive damaged, we won't sell those products again.  Some carry lower end brands which don't last and are not a good value. A sale no matter what!.
Options, accessories and upgrades shown with each product, with prices. Options not shown or no prices shown. Call for ordering information.
Prices shown for all options including fuel tanks, enclosures and other major upgrades. No price guessing. Price of product is added for you in real-time. Options usually not priced. They make up what they gave away on the base price here.
Alternate fuels for the same model linked to the product page. Alternate fuels not disclosed. So the can charge much more for a different fuel if you ask.
Custom "build your own generator" option. No way to order custom products without calling.
Freight cost on every item shipped in U.S. No available on most sites.
Custom freight quote on any product shipped outside the U.S. No available on most sites.
Warranties for every brand name we carry, available on-line Usually not available at all.
Leasing and financing available on-line in real-time Usually not available at all.
Free Freight? We avoid it because we have to build it into the price. There is no free lunch.  Free Freight is built into the price. Deduct freight amount and reasonable cost, this is what they make on the item. How much service will you get later for this low amount?
Free Freight from anywhere? No its not fair. We rather provide everyone with fair price and let each customer pay the freight to where they are.  Free Freight from anywhere, makes close customers pay more and far away customers pay less for the same item Think about it!

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