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Cage 1U5V7 - TIN/EIN #943026355 - Duns #054590203 - GSA GS-07F-5964R
A small business owned by a service connected disabled veteran.
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Contract   # GS-07F-5964R
 Federal ID: 94-3026355
Cage Code 1U5V7         DUNS: 054590203

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing and the option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!, a menu-driven database system. The internet address of GSA Advantage! is http://www.GSAAdvantage.gov.

Contract number: GS-07F-5964R (SIN 383-2 and 383-5)
Schedule Title: 056-Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies
FSC 61 - Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries

383-2 Portable, Standby Backup, or Prime Generators - Including, but not limited to, powered by electricity, gas, or diesel, rotary motor generators, trailer mounted units, enclosed mobile power generation standby units, load banks and generator transfer switches, parts, options, and accessories. Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.

383-5 Batteries and Battery Chargers - Including, but not limited to, rechargeable batteries (carbon zinc, alkaline manganese dioxide, mercuric oxide), non-rechargeable batteries, dry cell batteries, stationary batteries, storage batteries, motive batteries, vehicle batteries; automotive and industrial truck battery chargers, stationary battery chargers; parts and accessories. Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.

Contract period: 8-02-2002 through 7-31-2015

Contractor’s contact information:

            GeneratorJoe Inc. DBA GeneratorJoe
            4723 Muirfield Court
            Santa Rosa, CA 95405
            707 542-2224 (telephone)
            707 542-2227 (fax)
            [email protected] or [email protected]  (email)
 (Web Site)

Contract administration source: Joseph Romano

Business size: S, DV    A small business owned by a service connected disabled veteran.



Table of awarded special item numbers:

SIN  Description
382-2        Generators, Generator Transfer Switches, Breakers
361-20A  Fuel Tanks and related equipment
(Government net price based on a unit of one, accessories excluded)
SIN Description     Part Number Price
382-2 Generator Transfer Switches, Breakers TF201W  $  94.69
382-5 Fuel Tanks and related equipment 93-CI2403-EB    $197.68
Maximum order: SINs  


  382-5 $100,000
  361-20A $300,000
3. Minimum order:    $100.00

Geographic coverage:  50 US States, Washington DC and US territories. Orders accepted and transportation can be arranged worldwide.

5. Points of production: United States, United Kingdom, Canada

Discount from literature prices or statement of list price on GeneratorJoe website: www.generatorjoe.net
ASCO- 62.92%, Avtron-36.3%, BroadCrown-24.85%, Charles-47.08%, Detroit Diesel MTU-41.0%, GE Zenith-54.97%, GeneratorJoe-65.53%, Kubota- 25.74%, La Marche-34.02%, MQ Power-28.66%, Perkins-19.50%, Reliance Controls-44.00%, Terex-46.89%, Voltmaster-67.42%, Winco-40.51% and Yanmar-18.10%.
Prices shown are Net GSA, Discounts have been deducted.

7. Quality discounts:  Additional 2% for all brands 20-50 units.
8. Prompt payment terms: Net 30

Notification that Government purchase cards are accepted up to the micro-purchase threshold:
MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted for orders up to the micro-purchase threshold


Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold:
MasterCard Visa and American Express are accepted for above the micro-purchase threshold

10. Foreign items:  None

Time of delivery: Longest delivery time in days shown:
ASCO- 50 Days, Avtron-46, BroadCrown-60 Days, Charles-30 Days, Detroit Diesel MTU-50 Days, GE Zenith-50 Days, GeneratorJoe-30 Days, Kubota,-60 Days, La Marche-30 Days, MQ Power-30 Days, NorPro-30 Days, Perkins-60 Days, Reliance Controls-50 Days, Terex-50 Days, Voltmaster-30, Days Winco-30 Days and Yanmar-60 Days.

11b. Expedited Delivery.  If available per item, 1-2 weeks dependent on item 
11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery.  See Expedited Delivery   
11d. Urgent Requirements.  The Contractor will note in its price list the “Urgent Requirements” clause of its contract and advise agencies that they can obtain products on an urgent basis.  Customers can also contract the Contractor’s representative to effect a faster delivery if faster delivery is possible.         

FOB. points:


383-2 Origin 
383-5 Origin 


Ordering address:  GeneratorJoe Inc. DBA GeneratorJoe, 4723 Muirfield Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405


Payment address:  GeneratorJoe Inc. DBA GeneratorJoe, 4723 Muirfield Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405


Warranty provision:  Manufacturer’s Standard Commercial Warranty


Export packing charges:  N/A, if required will be determined on an item by item basis.


Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level):  See 9B above.

18. Terms and conditions of rental, Maintenance, and repair: N/A
19. Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable):  N/A

Terms and condition of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts from list prices (if applicable):  N/A

21.  Terms and conditions for any other services (if applicable):  N/A
22. List of service and distribution points (if applicable):  N/A
23.  List of participating dealers (if applicable):  N/A

Preventive maintenance (if applicable):  N/A


Environmental attributes, e.g., recycled content, content, energy efficiency and/or reduced pollutants: N/A

26. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number:  054590203

Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. Cage Code 1U5V7


Original Contract   1/31/2002 was for Reliance Controls transfer switches.

Mod 001 1/02/2007- Adds ASCO & GE Zenith transfer switches and updates all prices.
Adds Winco, Yanmar and other generator brands.

Mod 002 1/13/2009- Adds all other brands to contract and clarifies all prices including Reliance Controls
Adds complete line of ASCO and GE Zenith transfer switches.
Adds Broadcrown, Detroit Diesel MTU, GeneratorJoe, Kubota, MQ Power, Perkins and Terex industrial generators.
Adds GeneratorJoe, Voltmaster, Winco and Yanmar portable generators.
Adds NorPro Marine generators.
Adds Charles and La Marche battery chargers.
Adds GeneratorJoe fuel tanks and accessories.
Updates all prices on all brands.

Diesel Generators Made in America

We are a disabled veteran owned company.  My father Joseph I. Romano is a WWII and Korean War veteran (U.S. Army, 100% disability).  I am a disabled Viet Nam veteran, U.S. Navy. We are proud of our service to our country.

We salute the men and women of our armed forces and the citizens that serve in our local, county, state and federal government agencies.

We are here to serve your needs. If you need help finding a product, option or accessory, please email or telephone us.

Please let us know how we can help you with your mission.