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Picture 70 Picture 71 Picture 72
Pogie (bottom) and Millie, Our Doggies! Millie is a rescue dog from the Sonoma County Animal Shelter.
Go save a cat or dog today!
Sheriff Joe (GeneratorJoe) at SAY fundraiser with Dance Hall Girl (PowerPixie). Effren Carrillo (Sonoma County Supervisor), PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe at Wells Fargo
Picture 73 Picture 74 Picture 75
GeneratorJoe, Greg Linton, (President of JRS Custom Fabrication), Curt Missall (Co-owner of JRS) & PowerPixie  out to dinner. PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe at Wells Fargo Center Fund raiser GeneratorJoe, PowerPixie with 
Marsha Vas Dupre, City Councilwoman & Vice Mayor of City of Santa Rosa
Marsha's Husband Jack Dupre, 
Tom Bieri, Executive Director of SAY (Social Advocates for Youth)
All at SAY Charity Ball March 2009 
Picture 76 Picture 77 Picture 78
GeneratorJoe & PowerPixie going flying. Pixie is a pilot! Where is my parachute? The Johnson Family, Our Friends
Back Row, Karl (Ron's son-in-law), GeneratorJoe, Ron Johnson
Ron's Daughter Erin, Ron's Wife Cathy, PowerPixie, Ron's Daughter Brittany
PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe at
SAY  (Social Advocates for Youth) Charity Ball March 2009
Picture 79 Picture 80 Picture 81
PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe GeneratorJoe & PowerPixie at Fairmont Hotel Tonga Room
We like this place!
Champagne at Antoine's in the "Last Room". A special place.
Angelina & Brad Pitt had the room the night before us! We should have met them! Hi Brad and Angelina!
Picture 82 Picture 83 Picture 84
PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe at Sheriff's Xmas Party Carriage driver for city tour of New Orleans LA GeneratorJoe says "how goofy can you get?"
Mardi Gras World where the floats are made.
New Orleans LA Dec 2007
Picture 85 Picture 86 Picture 87
Ready for Sweet Heart Charity Ball 2009 Visiting Mardi Gras World where the floats are made.
New Orleans LA Dec 2007
Party goers at Volunteer Center Ball 2008 - three beautiful gals!
Jeff Weber, Carol Schrader, Carol Moylan, PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe
Picture 88 Picture 89 Picture 90
PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe going for city tour.
New Orleans LA Dec 2007
PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe with Eric Schrifrin at Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.
Great piano player!

Looking for property in Montana

Going to build a vacation house!  

Picture 91 Picture 92 Picture 93
Dinner with friends at Commanders Palace
Randy & Barbara Hall with GeneratorJoe & PowerPixie
Randy is with Penn Energy
GeneratorJoe taking the cute PowerPixie to dinner in the Corvette

Wedding Announcement - July 2006


Wedding Pictures - Click Here 

Picture 94 Picture 95 Picture 96></font></td>
				<td align= Partying with new friends after the wine festival. Wine Tasting Festival September 2008 PowerPixie and GeneratorJoe  - House and New Limo 2005

Picture 97

Picture 98

Picture 99

GeneratorJoe & PowerPixie at Volunteer Center Charity Ball 2008 PowerPixie & GeneratorJoe win two auctions at 2008 Volunteer Center Charity Ball Charity XMAS Party Dec 2006

Picture 100

Picture 101

Picture 102

Another Charity Event Xmas Dinner - Dec 2007

Republican Red White & Blue Ball 2003

PowerPixie and GeneratorJoe  - House and Original Limo 2003



Picture 103

Picture 104

Picture 105

Carriage at the Sweet Heart Ball 2003 - Local Charity Event

Going to Sweetheart Ball 2005

PowerGen (Generator) Trade Show 2003


Picture 106

Picture 107

Picture 108

Red White and Blue Republican Ball 2003 Red White and Blue Republican Ball 2002 On the river in Belize - Looks Like Vietnam Joe says
Picture 109 Picture 110 Picture 111

Republican Party Fund Raiser with Former FBI Director

 Getting on a river boat in Belize

Captain Romano, PowerPixie and GeneratorJoe® Romano on board Caribbean Princess in San Juan Puerto Rico




Picture 112

Picture 113

Picture 114

KZST Radio personality Brent Ferris on Caribbean Princess in Costa Rica

PowerPixie and GeneratorJoe  -  2002

Charity Ball for Volunteer Center - Jan 2005


Picture 115

Picture 116

Picture 117

 Plaza Hotel NYC - Sept 2006

Getting A Marriage License-  Feb 2006

Titanic Backdrop on Cruise Ship - Dec 2005


Picture 118

Picture 119


Election Party - 2002

Joe Hates this picture - Cruise Ship Photo - 2003 - Panama



Where have we been?

2013 Ship cruise around South America


Sonoma County Wine Tasting Festival


New Orleans LA, Trade show and city tour.


Vatican City & Vatican


Italy: Civitavecchia, Rome, Lucca, Livorno, Naples, Sorrento, Florence, Pisa, and the beautiful little town of Positano,
  Greece: Athens, Rhodes and Katakolon.
  Turkey: Istanbul and Izmir.


We were too busy with hurricanes to go anywhere.

 Link to all the wedding pictures!

GeneratorJoe & PowerPixie Got Married on July 4th 2006. What a trip that was! 
2005 Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, Florida; Dallas, Texas
  Pompiete, Tahiti; Cook Island (New Years in Tahiti!)
2003 Miami, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada
Link Belize, Costa Rica, Panama Canal,
2002 Ft Lauderdale, Florida; Dallas Texas; New York City
  San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas,
2001 Houston, Texas
  Las Vegas, Nevada
2000 Denver, CO
1999 Miami, Florida

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