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Find tables, conversions and formulas for practically any problem.

Value Converter Convert typical values from one measurement to another.
Electric Unit Conversions Find out how to convert common electrical units.
Advanced Tables, Conversions and Formulas Find formulas, tables and conversions to solve most problems.
Understanding Loads & Sizing Find out how to load and size a generator.
Wattage Guide How much power does my equipment use?
Generator Amp Ratings What size do I need? Does size matter?
Generator Sizing Procedure How do I figure generator size?
Generator Delta & Wye Connections How to connect generators to provide specific voltage and amps.
Electric Motor Wattage Guide How do I select a generator for an electric motor?
Motor Formulas Calculate amps needed to power specific motors.
Starting Load Examples How starting loads effect power required.
Transfer Switches What about transfer switches?
NEMA Enclosures A Guide to NEMA enclosures.
NEMA Plugs and Receptacles A Guide to NEMA plugs & receptacles, with pictures & nomenclature