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Learn about generators, load calculating, generator sizing, proper operation and safety topics.
Step by Step Basic Generator InfoHow do I select a generator? The Basics.
Frequently Asked Questions About GeneratorsCommon Questions Answered About Generators
Generator Sizing ProcedureHow do I figure generator size?
Home Owners Basic QuestionsWhat size and type of generator do I need?
Portable vs StationaryShould I use a portable or stationary generator at my home?
Portable vs RVShould I use a portable or RV generator in my RV?
Gasoline or DieselWhich is better and why? Diesel Fueled Generators - A Recommendation
New vs UsedWhich is better, new or used?
Tips On Buying UsedGuidelines and ideas on buying used generators
Generator Rental FactsWhat size are rental generators and how much fuel do they use?
Generator FuelsWhich fuel is best? Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Fuels, Propane, Natural Gas?
Generator Amp Ratings - (An Important Chart)What size do I need? Does size matter?
Understanding Loads & SizingWhat size do I need? Does size matter?
Calculations, Doing it ExactlyHow to calculate your load requirements exactly.
Diesel Fuel Use ChartHow much fuel does a diesel generator use?
Diesel Engine Uses and ApplicationsWhere are diesel engines used?
Pipe Sizing for Natural Gas & LPWhat size gas pipe do I need?
LP Tank Sizing & Typical LP Fuel ConsumptionHow fuel does an LP tank hold? How much does a generator consume?
LP /NG Fuel Consumption ExplainedHow do you calculate LP/NG consumption?
Wattage GuideHow much power does my equipment use?
Electric Motor Wattage GuideHow much power do motors use?
AC & Heat Pump LoadsHow much power do air conditioners & heat pumps use?
Generator InstallationHow to properly install your generator.
Tractor Driven Alternator (PTO) - Owner ManualAll about PTO generators.
Generator OperationHow to properly operate your generator.
Generator SafetySafety precautions for generator use. Follow Them!
Trailer SafetySafety precautions for using trailers.
Transfer SwitchesWhy do I need a transfer switch? How do switches work?
Transfer Switch InformationInformation Index About Transfer Switches
NEMA Plugs and ReceptaclesA Guide to NEMA plugs & receptacles, with pictures & nomenclature
Tables and Formulas, Value ConversionsLook up and convert many common values
Glossary of Generator and Electrical TermsGlossary of Terms for generators, electrical and other industry terms.
Country Power GuideGuide of Power Around the World. What power is used in other countries?
Help Index Information Index showing all GeneratorJoe Help Screens

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