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  • Detailed Description

    The DC Series Load Banks

    DC Series Load Bank

    Setting the standard for testing Mission Critical DC Systems.

    Portable or Stationary Designs

    LBD offers the flexibility of compact, portable load banks or for larger applications, permanently installed, outdoor rated units 
    High Capacity Resistive Loads
    Ideal for testing and maintenance of large DC power systems, battery systems, UPS systems, rectifiers and power supplies
    The Load Bank Experts
    The team at LBD have been manufacturing high capacity resistive loads for almost 20 years. LBD leads the market with innovative designs in AC, Resistive Reactive, Medium Voltage and DC applications
    Load Banks Direct, LLC is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks. The DC Series of Load Banks are designed for battery capacity testing & maintenance, acceptance testing, discharge testing and other testing for DC power systems. Common applications include telecommunication, data centers, utility and military. The DC Series is the perfect solution for regularly scheduled maintenance testing and commissioning of mission-critical DC power systems.

    Operator Protection | When Safety Matters

    The DC Series Load Bank comes equipped with an Emergency-Stop push button allowing the operator to take the unit off-line should a critical hard-stop condition occur. Blower On, Motor Overload, Air-Flow Failure, and Over-temperature circuits disable all load steps during a fault condition with operator visual indicators, while the Load Dump circuit provides the operator visual indication if all load steps have been removed.
    Operator ControlsL1033 1
    • Emergency Stop (E-Stop)
    • Illuminated Main Power On/Off switch
    • Master Load On/Off switch
    • Fault condition smart indicators
    • Individual Load Step Switches

    PowerDyne™ Resistive Load Elements | When Quality Matters

    PowerDyne™ Resistors are the most rugged in the industry and can handle the rigors of transit vibration and continuous testing.  They are fully supported across their entire length within the air stream by stainless steel support rods which are insulated with heavy-duty, high-temperature ceramic insulators. Change in resistance is minimized by maintaining conservative resistor designs. 

    Construction | Built to Last 

    The DC Series enclosures are constructed of galvanized steel with the highest quality durable powder-coat paint finish, and external stainless steel fasteners. The load bank can be designed for permanent installation or can be of portable type (consult factory for available sizes). For permanent installations, the enclosure is of outdoor construction, to be installed and operated on a floor, roof-top, or concrete pad.  Portable load banks provide ease of positioning with moving handles and heavy-duty casters. Tie-down provisions allow for secure transportation to and from job sites. Larger load banks have forklift channels within the base for ease of lifting and handling during installation. 

    Standard DC Voltages
    The DC Series is typically designed in the 12 VDC - 1100 VDC range. Standards include 12, 26, 48, 52, 120, 160, 270, 400, 600 and 1100 VDC.
    Standard Ampacities
    150, 250, 500 and 1000 A. 
    Please consult GeneratorJoe with your exact specifications.  (707) 542-2224 or write [email protected]

    Resistive Reactive

    DC Load Bank Specifications

    Resolution Airflow  Rating
    1A to 25A typical  Side intake Continuous duty
      Vertical discharge No cool down required
    Cooling Power Connection Enclosures
    Air Cooled by High-Performance Blower Motor Cam-Lok or Direct to plated bus bar Heavy Duty
    Wired to external AC power source   Powder Coat Paint
    Power Wiring Contactors Options
    150C insulated, EPDM Full capacity DC Voltmeter
      Heavy duty Non standard voltages
    Typical Outline Drawing - Portable
    side view

    LBD’s complete line of portable and stationary Load Bank products offers industry exclusive load testing solutions for generator set dealer/distributor networks, service arms, rental companies, end users, and original equipment manufacturers of generator sets, UPS systems, turbines, fuel cells, wind power,  and battery systems.

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  • Standard Features
    DC Load Banks, Single & Three Phase,
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