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GeneratorJoe Trooper Fuel Trailers
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GeneratorJoe Trooper Fuel Trailers
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Warrior™ Series, Low Cost Construction Fuel Trailers
Fuel Trailers (4493)
500 to 990 gallons, Single Wall or Double Wall Tanks, 7,000 GVW to 14,000 GVW Tandem Axle
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  • Detailed Description
    Warrior™ Fuel Trailers: Warrior™ fuel trailers are built to exacting standards and built to last. These trailers are the lower cost version of Warrior™ fuel trailers that are our high end commercial and military fuel trailer. Warrior™ fuel trailers are quality trailers have numerous standard features that are options on other brands however they are not as sophisticated as the Knight™ fuel trailer series.
    Originally designed with the rigorous conditions of off-road functionality in mind, the units are built using heavy-duty axles and suspensions for maximum durability. Tanks can handle diesel fuel and other fuel products meeting Class 3 combustible requirements. All units are manufactured to meet or exceed DOT safety standards, for lights, brakes, reflectors, safety equipment, heavy duty axles, load capacity, decals, and signage. The baffled tank is manufactured to provide years of service and includes 2" Fill Hole / pressure vent, inspection hole and drain plug. All units utilize UL explosion proof heavy-duty pumps, UL hose and durable automatic shut-off nozzles for refueling equipment (when those options are ordered).

    These units are not approved nor intended for interstate fuel transport. You cannot legally, fuel up the unit and tow it with the tank full of fuel from state to state. These Warrior™ fuel trailers are designed for onsite use, with intermittent road use but they are roadworthy.

    All standard equipment colors are available for the trailers, Black is standard with red or white with reflective strip, Cat yellow, medium blue, green and custom colors are available.

    Many options are available, Please see the Option windows above for the most common options. Other options are available depending on how and where the unit will be used including such items as brake type, tire type, higher pump GPM, types of hose (marina or aviation), secondary containment, manually operated parking brake, AC pump systems, filter system, static reel, sump, spare tire/wheel/mount etc. Many other options are available that are not listed on our product sheets, so please do not hesitate to let us know what your application requires. We can build any fuel or generator trailer that you require, to our design or your custom design.

    Typical Specifications Typical Trailer Layout - Dimensions Approximate
    • 120, 300 or 500 gallon, single wall or double wall, poly, carbon steel or stainless steel tank
    • 2 5/16” Ball Coupler or 3” Pintle Ring Available
    • Top Wind - 5000 lbs. Tongue Jack/Sand Shoe
    • D.O.T. Wiring Package – Enclosed 1/2” Steel Conduit
    • 7-Way Round Trailer Plug
    • Stainless Steel Flush – Mount Tail Lights
    • Rear Stabilizer Jacks
    • ST 205/75D15 Load Range C Trailer Rated Tires on White Spoke
    • Two 5/16” x 30” Safety Chains with 3/8” Hooks
    • Electric Brakes with Safety Break-Away
    • Primed and Painted Semi-Gloss Black
    • 1 year warranty
    • Diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel (JP-8), E-85 (Ethanol), biodiesel, kerosene or other Class 3 combustibles.

      Trailers GJTR-5 5,000 GVW or GJTR-7 7,000 GVW for 120 and 300 gallon tanks

      • GVWR 5,000 or 7,000 lbs
      • Tandem Dexter Type 3,500 lb Axle
      • Deck Size 48” x 120”
      • Weight 1100 lbs
      • Deck Height 34”
      • Hitch Height 22”

      Trailers GJTR-10 10,000 GVW for 500 gallon tanks

      • GVWR 10,000 lbs
      • Tandem Dexter Type 5,000 lb Axle
      • Deck Size 48” x 120”
      • Weight 1600 lbs
      • Deck Height 34”
      • Hitch Height 22”

    Dimensions and weights approximate.

    generatorjoe trailer dimensions

    Warrior™ Fuel Trailer Configurations*

    # Model Gallons Tanks Shape Walls Tank Material Trailer Axles
    1 GJGL-120-1-RTSW-PO 120 1 Rectangular SW Poly 1
    2 GJGL-120-1-RTSW-CS 120 1 Rectangular SW Steel 1
    3 GJGL-300-1-RTSW-CS 300 1 Rectangular SW Steel 1
    4 GJGL-300-2-RTDW-CS 300 1 Rectangular DW Steel 1
    5 GJGL-300-2-CYSW-CS 300 1 Cylinder SW Steel 1
    6 GJGL-500-1-RTSW-CS 500 1 Rectangular SW Steel 2
    7 GJGL-500-2-RTDW-CS 500 1 Rectangular DW Steel 2
    8 GJGL-500-1-RTSW-SS 500 1 Rectangular SW Stainless Steel 2
    9 GJGL-500-1-CYSW-CS 500 1 Cylinder SW Steel 2
    10 GJGL-1000-1-CYSW-CS 1000 1 Cylinder SW Steel 2
    11 GJGL-1000-2-CYDW-SS 1000 1 Rectangular DW Stainless Steel 2

    * Prices are shown in the yellow option drop down windows.

    GeneratorJoe also sells portable fuel tanks that mount on trailers 132 to 5,000 gallons. Each tank can be removed from the trailer. UL142, Stackable and many other great features. Click > Portable Fuel Tanks for more information.
    For Included Equipment, select the trailer in the yellow drop-down window and the trailer will show in the window. Click "Details" button and a screen will appear showing all the equipment included.
  • This product does not have designated product packages.

    Please see the Priced Options tab and select the options you want supplied with the product. Prices will update automatically when you select or remove an option.

  • Option Notes: If you dont see the trailer you need or if you have special requirements, contact GeneratorJoe for assistance. 707 542-2224 
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    For Included Equipment, select the trailer in the yellow drop-down window and the trailer will show in the window. Click "Details" button and a screen will appear showing all the equipment included.
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