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  • Detailed Description
    Stationary & Trailer Ready Load Banks  - Avtron

    Standard Models

      K575A (1000 kW)
      K580(1000-1250 kW)
      K580D(2000-2500 kW)
      K675A (500 kW)
      K975A (2000-2500 kW)
      LTV(1500-2000 kW)
      LCV (2500 kW)

     Optional features available on Avtron trailer mounted units:

     Cable Reels
     Cable Storage Box
     Load Cables
    Avtron offers an extensive line of load bank trailer packages for high power over the road, mobile testing at multiple sites. Resistive, Reactive, or DC models are available. The load bank can be supplied mounted to a heavy duty, dual-axle, DOT road legal trailer, or supplied "loose” and "trailer-ready” for easy installation on your own locally purchased trailer. Options include load bank quick-disconnect power connectors, load cable storage box, cable reels, and trailer hydraulic surge brakes (electric brakes are standard).

    The K580 load bank is a low-profile horizontal airflow type frame that is available in ratings of 1000 kW or 1250 kW. The K580D is available in ratings of 2000 and 2500 kW.

    With the introduction of larger generator sets in the marketplace, the need has grown for very high capacity portable load banks for start up and maintenance testing. To meet this need, Avtron has designed a trailer mounted load bank package with load capacity ratings up to 3000 kW at 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz. The vertical airflow design offers increased load handling capability in a single stand-alone unit.

    The LTV (Load Bank Trailer Vertical) series of trailer mounted resistive load banks is available with 5 or 50 kW load step resolution, and convenient local control panel and load connections. The 10,000 pound GVWR rated trailer is fully DOT compliant for highway use and includes stabilizing jacks and electric brakes.

    The Avtron Model LCV features both resistive and reactive loading in a single containerized unit. This allows testing of AC power systems at less than unity power factor, typically 0.8 p.f. lagging. To achieve a 0.8 power factor, the LCV combines resistive load ( kW) with reactive load (KVAR). This combination provides a true test of the actual generator or UPS nameplate rating (KVA) and simulates a "real world" load.

    Models Pictures Capacity Load Step
    Load Voltage Blower Voltage
    without trailer
    Weight (lbs.)
    without trailer
    K575A (1000)  LTV Load Bank 1000 kW @ 240/480 VAC 5 kW 240/480 VAC; 3 Phase 208-230/480 VAC; 3 Phase 95.25" L, 84" W, 51" H 2200
    K575A (1250) 1250 kW@ 480 VAC
    800 kW @ 240 VAC
    K675A  LTV Load Bank 500 kW @ 480V 5 kW 240/480 VAC; 3 Phase 208-230/480 VAC; 3 Phase 72" L, 48" W, 64" H 1100
    K975A (2000)  LTV Load Bank 2000 kW @ 480V
    1000 kW @ 240V
    5 kW 240/480 VAC; 3 Phase 208-230/480 VAC; 3 Phase 97" L, 76" W, 93" H 4,000
    K975A (2500) 2500 kW @ 480V 50 kW 480 VAC; 3 Phase 480 VAC; 3 Phase
    LTV-1500 *  LTV Load Bank 1500 kW @ 480V 50 kW 480 VAC; 3 Phase 480 VAC; 3 Phase 80" L, 60" W, 98.5" H 3,900
    LTV-2000 2000 kW @ 480V

    Note: Other models with different DC Voltage ratings are available on special order.
    Control Power: Typical power required for control circuit operation is 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz. If 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60Hz is not available, a variety of single phase control transformers can be provided as an option.
    Blower Power: Blower power is typically provided by an outside source. Selected load banks are available with blower power derived from the power source under test.
    . Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Note: Other models with different kW/KVAR and Voltage ratings are available on special order.
    Control Power: Control power of 120 VAC, 1 phase, 60 Hz is provided by an internal control power transformer.
    Blower Power: Blower power is provided by an external 3 phase power source or internally from the power source under test (user selectable).
    Digital Metering: Avtron Advanced Digital Monitoring System (
    ADMSTM) is provided for display of Volts, Amps, Frequency, or kW. Includes Communicator EXTTM data-logging software.
    ADMSTM is a trademark of Avtron Mfg., Inc. Communicator EXTTM is a trademark of Avtron Mfg. Technical Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Advanced Digital Monitoring Systems (ADMS)

    For further details, see product sales bulletin
    Avtron Manufacturing is pleased to announce the introduction of an entirely new Digital Metering System for its line of Load Bank products. The Avtron Advanced Digital Monitoring System (ADMS) represents the new standard in Load Bank Instrumentation allowing Real-Time Data Acquisition and Data Logging from customer laptop PC, or PDA.

    ADMS is a Multi-Function Digital Power Meter that provides 3-line digital display of Voltage, Current, Frequency, and Power Measurements. Unlike conventional meters, the large 0.56" extra-bright LED's allow the user to clearly monitor the meter display under any condition 24/7. The meter faceplate features an optical IrDA port for data transfer and comes complete with an IrDA/USB adapter for "plug and play" convenience. Meter parameters are captured from the IrDA port and can be downloaded to your PC or PDA. The Communicator EXT software provides Real-Time Monitoring and Data Acquisition from your laptop PC, allowing the user to display meter parameters in Real-Time Trending or Real-Time Data Logging format. Data can automatically be recorded and saved to your computer which can be easily imported into a Windows spreadsheet.

    With faceplate, PC or PDA monitoring, this rugged metering system is designed to save both time and money. It virtually eliminates the need to manually record load bank values during a load test. ADMSTM is a trademark of Avtron Mfg., Inc. Communicator EXTTM is a trademark of Electro Industries/Gauge Tech. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

    ADMS - Advance Digital Monitoring System

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